What We Can Do

I Can Direct can do the following things:

  • Free 2 hour Consultation; we will talk with you about your ideas and whether we are the service for you. We can meet with you if you want.
  • We can assist you to make a plan
  • We can help you to find the services and things you will need to make your plan work

We will listen to you and will assist you to have the support and equipment you need to have the life you choose.

What I Can Direct cannot do?

We cannot assist you to purchase support that is unreasonable and unnecessary this includes:

  • Costs that other community members would be reasonably expected to pay for with their own money. For example: electricity, gas, telephone and internet, general household fittings, furniture and whitegoods not used by the person with a disability in meeting their disability support needs
  • Food, groceries, rent or the purchase, running or maintenance costs of vehicles
  • Supports or programmes that can be accessed through other schemes or programs
  • Items that are illegal or detrimental to your health (ie: cigarettes, alcohol)
  • Items that could cause you harm
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