Countdown to the NDIS

Years of planning, lobbying, and hard work are on the brink of culminating on 1st July, 2016, when the full NDIS scheme will start to be progressively rolled out in all states and territories (except Western Australia).

The NDIS was the dream of many supporters, organisations, families, and individuals when they began the Every Australia Counts campaign on Australia Day, 2011. Two key campaigners throughout the campaign were John Della Bosca and Andrew Gibson, and they are amazed at how far things have come in five years. Watch their inspiring Australia Day 2016 message here:

The dream was to create essential reform in Australia for people living with a disability. By the admission of our very own Productivity Commission, the current system is “unfair, underfunded, fragmented and inefficient.” Something had to change.

Now, with a new phase of disability support just months away, we can look at some of the key ways that the NDIS will change lives:

Giving people with disability choice and control. The NDIS places choice and control of services into the hands of people with disabilities and their families.

Allowing us to determine our own future. The NDIS connects participants with community and mainstream supports and funds reasonable and necessary to assist people with disabilities to pursue their goals and aspirations, and participate in daily life.

Reducing the huge pressure on families. Placing control of support and funds into the hands of families means that they can decide how to allocate the funds, and so provides more appropriate assistance to the people who most need it.

Growing Australia’s workforce. The NDIS is creating a huge demand for disability services that will need to be met by a suitable workforce. Jobs will be created for existing disability services, and the NDIS will also support people with disabilities gain employment, thereby producing a double jobs boom.

Making a better Australia. Of course, the NDIS is about more than disability support. The Every Australian Counts campaign (now supported by the NDIS) has also sought to help the public understand that the opportunities and lifestyles of people with disabilities are important. It is necessary that along with the increased opportunities and participation of people with disabilities that there be a greater understanding and inclusion by the general community of people with disabilities. These changing attitudes will then be reinforced by the increased visibility and recognition of people with disabilities in the community thanks to the NDIS, to ultimately work towards true belonging. This is a need we all share.

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To read about the full journey of achieving better support for Australians living with a disability, from approaches post-WWII to the transformative change we are now seeing with the NDIS, click here:

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