How It Works and What It Costs

How It Works

When you are ready to start your journey of self-direction you can contact I Can Direct and we will talk with you.

You will need to talk with your current service provider and with Department Communities Disability Services to let them know you arr interested in Your Life Your Choice

We will meet with you then and this is a free consultation to a maximum of two hours

The change over usually occurs at the beginning of the next quarter eg January, April, July, September

The first and one of the most important things to do is to create a plan. I Can Direct can assist you with creating your plan or you may choose to have another service assist you with this or you may have a plan already that meets what is needed

How Much It Costs

Initial consultation is free and can take up to 2 hours.

An initial establishment cost $635.25 (plus GST) this is non-refundable should you choose to move to another Host Provider. Most other services ask for a percentage between 5% and 12% and can include the administration. This amount can be quite high if you have a large funding package. Often this amount is not refundable if you want to change service providers. At I Can Direct we believe that people should use the services that are best for them and if things change they should have the opportunity to go elsewhere and not have to pay a lot of money.

Much of this cost is to cover the time spent in the incidental contact such as emails and phone calls, face to face visits all communication. At I Can Direct we believe that every dollar you receive for support is important and that you should know exactly how much you are spending on any of the services you have requested.

All hours after the Initial Consultation are charged at $68.15 per hour (plus GST). The hours required will be dependent on what you want I Can Direct as the Host Provider to do for you.

Financial administration or Bookkeeping fees are charged at $68.15 per hour (plus GST). A minimum of half an hour will be charged for the processing of invoices and then in 15 minute increments. This is dependent on the amount of work required and the regularity for payment of invoices required. This process of payment is for this service only. All other services received are at the hourly rate for a full hour or proportion of it.

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